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Pixy Cakes is one of my favorite cake places in the Phoenix area.  They decorate amazing cakes and they taste good!!  Here is a little info about them:

Thank you Cyndi for featuring me, I was excited and humbled when you asked me.

I guess the thing that might set me apart from others in the industry is I didn’t go to Culinary School, I actually have a degree in Accounting. I spent the majority of my adult life working for corporate America, yet always wanting to own my own bakery. It really was always my dream.

I grew up in the kitchen with a Southern Grandma and a Southern Mom, the kitchen at our house was the gathering place for everything. Both poured their hearts and souls into the food they cooked. And I was always underfoot. One of my earliest memories of my Grandma was standing on a chair in the kitchen adding ingredients to a bowl as she baked, I loved being in the kitchen with them.

That love for baking continued my entire life, when I would get the need to bake as it relaxed me and I’d bake a cake and take it into work, I did this often. And it was always a hit. But, the love, the real love didn’t come about until I had my own child, and then I found myself always baking, and still do with him in the kitchen, standing on a chair helping put the ingredients in the bowl as I mixed them.

I started baking and decorating my son’s cakes instead of buying them, and friends who would attend hired me to create their kid’s cakes, and it just steam rolled into a side business. I realized each passing year my passion was not in corporate America but in creating cakes and baking, and it would relax me and make me come to life.

One thing led to another and Pixy Cakes was born. I consider myself to have one of the best kitchen staffs around, we all get along, we actually have way too much fun (if that’s possible) but we strive to have our cakes “Pixy Perfect” it’s a saying we say constantly.. It has to be Pixy Perfect to leave the shop.

We are also a group of nerds, some bigger nerds than others, I think I’m the head nerd, or biggest nerd? We love Superheroes, we all have our own favorite, and most of us play computer games. My favorite show on TV is Game of Thrones. Because we aren’t afraid to try new things, we like to be challenged we have been able to do some pretty awesome cakes like our Game of Thrones cake, or our Steampunk wedding cake.

I kind of walk a different beat in life, what I mean is, I didn’t go the traditional route in getting our name out in the industry. One of the first big events we did, and still do is Comicon. I fit in there and love the energy of the entire place. It is fun, and the people are awesome, and because of Comicon we have been able to make some pretty cool cakes by making the impossible, seem not so impossible. I always say “nerds will rule this world” and I still believe it.

Here are a couple of photos of one of her cakes:

pixy cakes

We worked together on this fun magazine cover:

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r
R e v i e w s
N e w s l e t t e r   S i g n u p